“I participated at your 2005 yoga conference and was wondering with a few yoga teacher friends of mine, if you are going to do one again? I have such good memories. If I had to choose one yoga event, it would be yours!”
Sandra Otto
“I was very impressed by the two yoga conferences Trina organised in 2004 and 2005. She is an exceptional event organiser.”
Stephen Penman
Past President of the Yoga Australia (formerly Yoga Teachers Association of Australia)
“Trina helped us organise two major conferences. We are confident that with her ingenuity, dexterity and adaptability, she will be an asset to any organisation who would like to organise events.”
Swami Atmeshananda
Vice President, Vedanta Centre of Sydney
"It was a privilege to work under Trina for the two international yoga conferences in Sydney. Trina has a wonderful ability to connect with people and this, combined with her superb organisational skills and attention to detail ensures seamless events.”
Geeta Kirpalani, Managing Director
Team with Taste, Singapore
“Rama Prasad has a lovely way of illustrating teaching points with visual images. He has energy and enthusiasm and draws on a wealth of knowledge in his teaching and from his culture.”
Patricia Wigley, (Former) President
International Yoga Teachers Association
“Congratulations on the success of the Yoga conference. The venue was fantastic, the food was wonderful and the lectures outstanding. You are a true “yogini” and I feel your yogic path lies in organising events such as these. I can’t wait to attend the next conference you organise!”
Annette Loudon
Forest Yoga Massage and Pilates
“With my life time interest in diet and yoga, I found Rama’s material the most rewarding study I have ever undertaken. The background to Ayurvedic principles set me on a life changing path. As a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic cook, it has been invaluable to understand body types and individual needs.”
Adrian Ward
Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic chef
"I found the Yoga therapy course to be a very potent experience on every imaginable level. You can never stop learning about the body in its physical form and the sheaths that surround it.
Thank you to all the teachers and the very professional organisers behind this wonderful insightful course."

Alex Ivetic
“Thank you for another great Australian Yoga Therapy conference. An inspiring selection of speakers once again.”
Alison Verbruggen
Naturopath and Yoga teacher, QLD
“I want firstly to say how much I enjoyed the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference. The speakers were of an exceptionally high standard which made my trip from Perth extremely worthwhile.”
Anne Hesford
Yoga teacher, WA
“I feel so filled up by the Australian Yoga Therapy conference and got so much useable information; I am teaching a retreat in Bali and sharing some of the info already.”
Carole Baillargeon
Yoga Teacher, Darwin Yoga Space, NT
"The (Australian Yoga Therapy) conference was amazing!"
Charles Stevenson
Yoga Teacher, QLD
"The reason I'm really loving the Yoga therapy course is that it's experiential. It asks one to think, reflect and apply one's understanding. I really appreciate having a structure in which to do that."
Debbie Belnick
Bondi Junction, NSW
“I absolutely LOVED the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference!”
Elisabeth Palmer
"I so enjoyed the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference, it was very well organised & attended. Unlike some of the overseas conferences I've attended, this was personalised and had a lovely energy about it. Informative too, interesting and relevant. Well done to you and all involved."
Jane Edwina Seymour
Level 2 Yoga teacher, USA
"The Australian Yoga Therapy Conference in Sydney was amazing and it has really changed my life."
Jei Whelan
Yoga Teacher, QLD
"The (Australian Yoga Therapy Conference) weekend was amazing. Such an awesome experience -sharing time with others doing what we do and speaking the same language. "
Kate Mitchell
Yoga Therapist, NSW
"Everything has been absolutely fabulous so far. I feel very blessed to be a part of the Yoga therapy course."

Kylie Hennessy
North Strathfield, NSW
"I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the whole (Australian Yoga Therapy) Conference. It really confirmed what I would like to keep working towards.
There was such a beautiful sharing of wisdom, love and compassion in the room."
Louise Fairney
Yoga teacher, VIC
“Rama Prasad is a healer and a teacher who is at home with both Indian and Australian ways. His teachings are an immersion in wellbeing. Rama shares his deep knowledge and experience and so obviously walks his talk - it’s inspirational.”
Lyndall M Parris
Sydney Coastal Ecovillage
Annette Loudon shows great compassion and caring and her classes provide a wonderful healing and nurturing environment.
Matt Wierzbicki
Yoga teacher
"The depth of knowledge the GCYT teachers have is impressive. Not only for their personal experience and understanding of anatomy, psychology and spirituality but the way they connect with students and clients alike. Witnessing them demonstrate yoga therapy skills clearly showed how Yoga Therapy can be such a powerful tool for yoga therapists, teachers, physiotherapists and other health care professionals.”
Meredith Chapple
"The Yoga Therapy course was amazing…I didn’t expect to be challenged and grow as much as I did to be honest. I just thought I would “keep adding” but it went deeper. It made me look at my “inner self” a lot."
Penny Cook
"The Australian Yoga Therapy Conference was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The speakers were excellent and the topics extremely relevant. Well done! I look forward to the next one."
Sharron Williams
Yoga teacher, NSW
“The Yoga conference in 2005 was wonderful, such great lectures and surroundings with those wonderful monks. Thanks again so much Trina, I felt privileged to be up there with you all.”
Sue C
Yoga teacher, Melbourne
After I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, I attended Yoga classes with Annette Loudon. My mobility and well-being improved. I would recommend Annette to anyone, particularly women on the journey to recovery from breast cancer.
Susan Forsyth
"The teaching on the Yoga therapy course really is exceptional. The teachers have a way of creating a really welcoming space which makes it easy to learn. I have experienced an overall deepening of my love for yoga and the development of skills to work confidently in a therapy environment."
Suzanne Ellis
Blue Mountains, NSW
Having completed the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy, I have the knowledge to confidently treat people with a variety of presenting needs. The course offers a high level of wisdom and experience through the lecturers and an opportunity to share and learn from your peers and the lineages and traditions they have come from. Many thanks to Trina for helping to grow the Yoga Therapy community and its place in the Alternative Therapies community.
Tracey Whiting
Yoga therapist, NSW
“I’m sure that yoga with Annette (Loudon) played a very important part in my recovery from breast cancer. I and both my daughters, all credit Annette with inspiring our practice!”
Vicki Besso